Pipe stdin to a logfile with optional log rotation parameters
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Pipe stdin to a logfile with optional log rotation parameters


node index.js 2>&1 | log-pipe app.log --count 3 --lines 15 --compress

the problem

Log rotation with stdio redirection sucks. When using a utility like logrotate to rotate application logs that are written to with standard io redirection techniques like ./app &> app.log the process continues to write to rotated logs, leaving your primary log empty after rotaion. This is due to the fact that the file descriptor is not updated when its underlying log is moved.

There's a couple ways to try and deal with this, but they all fall short:

1. Use winston's log rotation feature for nodejs apps

This requires adding a new dependency and possibly code changes around logging logic.

2. Restart your app on SIGUSR1

Often times, production apps can't be restarted willy-nilly

3. Use the copytruncate feature of logrotate

This only works if you don't need to guarantee that all of your log lines are persisted. copytruncate performs a non-atomic copy before truncating the original log, which means you can lose data in the process if the copy is slow.

log-pipe tries to solve this by acting as an intermediary between the application and the file system, piping stdin to log files and rotating those logfiles when necessary.



The maximum number of rotated logs (including primary log file). Additional files after count will be deleted.


The maximum number of log lines before a rotation occurrs.


Compress rotated files with gzip


With npm do:

npm install log-pipe