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A simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
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A simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text

odt2txt is a command-line tool which extracts the text out of OpenDocument Texts produced by LibreOffice, OpenOffice, StarOffice, KOffice and others.

odt2txt can also extract text from some file formats similar to OpenDocument Text, such as XML, which was used by version 1.x and older StarOffice versions. To a lesser extent, odt2txt may be useful to extract content from OpenDocument spreadsheets and OpenDocument presentations.

odt2txt is…

  • small
  • supports multiple output encodings
  • adopts to your locale
  • able to substitute common characters which the output charset does not contain with ascii look-a-likes
  • written in C, has few dependencies
  • portable (runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, *BSD, Cygwin, Solaris, HP-UX)
  • licensed under GPL, version 2
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