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odt2txt is known to compile on Linux, Windows (Cygwin and native),
Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.
To build odt2txt you need GNU make on all platforms. On platforms
other than Linux and Cygwin, it is usually called "gmake".
You also need libzip ( including its
development headers.
Just run "make" in the source directory.
I have test-compiled odt2txt on Solaris 9 (sparc) and
Solaris 10 (x86), both with gcc and the Sun C Compiler.
You need to install libiconv from the ports.
The regex library that comes with FreeBSD is extremely slow
on my FreeBSD system (5.3, i386).
Mac OS X:
libiconv has to be installed separately. The Makefile contains
support for a MacPorts installation:
- install MacPorts
- install libiconv in MacPorts
$ sudo port install libiconv
- run "make" in the source directory
NetBSD > 2.0 comes with an iconv implementation, it has everything
you need.
If zlib is not already installed on the system, build it. Then
build odt2txt with "gmake ZLIB_DIR=/path/to/zlib"
Windows (Cygwin):
You need to install libiconv.
Windows (mingw32):
See win32/Dockerfile for a recipe build a windows package.
Windows (msys):
You need to specify the arch type.
-run make ARCH=32
-run make ARCH=64