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go-notion is a client for the Notion API, written in Go.


The client supports all (non-deprecated) endpoints available in the Notion API, as of May 15, 2021:


$ go get

Getting started

To obtain an API key, follow Notion’s getting started guide.

Code example

First, construct a new Client:

import ""


client := notion.NewClient("secret-api-key")

Then, use the methods defined on Client to make requests to the API. For example:

page, err := client.FindPageByID(context.Background(), "18d35eb5-91f1-4dcb-85b0-c340fd965015")
if err != nil {
    // Handle error...

👉 Check out the docs on for further reference and examples.


The Notion API is currently in public beta.

⚠️ Although the API itself is versioned, this client will make breaking changes in its code until v1.0 of the module is released.

To do

  • Write tests
  • Provide examples


MIT License

© 2021 David Stotijn — Twitter, Email