Configuration for setting up a Vagrant box with nginx, gunicorn and a stub django project.
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A collection of configuration files for Vagrant, Berkshelf and third party Chef cookbooks. It allows you to quickly provision a web development environment with nginx, gunicorn and django.


This project uses Vagrant for VM management. Berkshelf and its Vagrant middleware plugin are used for cookbook management.

  • Install VirtualBox and Vagrant.

  • Install Berkshelf:

      $ gem install berkshelf
  • Install the berkshelf-vagrant plugin:

      $ vagrant plugin install berkshelf-vagrant
  • Clone this repository:

      $ git clone git://


Inside the repository directory:

$ vagrant up

A virtual machine is created with opscode-ubuntu-12.04 as a base box, which will be downloaded if absent from the host machine. After booting, Berkshelf automatically downloads and installs the cookbooks on your host machine and Chef Solo deploys them on the newly created guest machine.

Refer to the Vagrant Documentation for further instructions on how to interact with the guest machine.