See your Stripe MRR and monthly stats in the terminal
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termrr (for terminal MRR)

I wanted to have a quick answer to the question: "What's our current MRR" for Roadmap.

I kind of pass the majority of my time in the terminal, so I built this simple tool. This is a sample of the output:

MRR is  425.00
Month over month stats
2017-05 New customers: 1 MRR: 25.00
2017-04 New customers: 1 MRR: 50.00
2017-03 New customers: 1 MRR: 55.00
2017-02 New customers: 2 MRR: 80.00
2017-01 New customers: 1 MRR: 95.00
2016-12 New customers: 2 MRR: 120.00

It's showing the MRR and month over month new customers and added MRR for that month.



You can download a binary for your platform in the Releases page.

If you have Go installed

go get


You only need to pass a Stripe key (live or test).

termrr -key stripe_key_here

You may also have an environment variable STRIPE_KEY.

export STRIPE_KEY=sk_test_1234567