A rake file for helping automate TestFlight deploys
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TestFlight Rake utility

A collection of rake tasks for an iOS project to make building & deploying builds to TestFlight much easier.


  1. Drop this Rakefile into your project root.
  2. Ensure you have the httpclient gem installed
  3. Currently we depend on you versioning your builds using agvtool. Do that.
  4. Create a file called .rakeenv in the same directory. Add configuration here. The following is pretty much the minimum of what you need to put here:

.rakeenv contents:

set(:app_name, YOUR_APP_NAME)  
set(:environment, 'TestFlight') # you can use other environment tasks later if you prefer, but you need a default  
set(:xcode_configuration, CONFIGURATION_TO_BUILD)  
set(:testflight_team_token, YOUR_TEAM_TOKEN)  
set(:testflight_api_token, YOUR_API_TOKEN)  
set(:testflight_distribution_lists, TESTFLIGHT_DIST_LISTS_TO_SEND_TO)  # not strictly required, but emails won't be sent if you don't


rake release is all you should really need. Look around if you want more.

Maybe I'll put some more detail on configuration, options, flow, and potential improvements later. But not right now.