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Django BlockedEmails

django-blockedemails is a reusable app that provides a form field, validators, and models that check if an email is being blocked, or is disposable/throwaway.


You can install django-blockedemails with pip by typing:

pip install django-blockedemails

Or with easy_install by typing:

easy_install django-blockedemails

Or manually by downloading a tarball and typing:

python install


django-blockedemails adds 3 settings

Specifies an API_KEY to use with

BLOCK_DISPOSABLE_EMAIL_API_KEY = "" # Defaults to None which disables this validator

Specifies a different url to use for the api:

BLOCK_DISPOSABLE_EMAIL_URL = "" # Will be string formated with a dictionary with api_key and domain

Specifies if we should block an email if an exception occurs trying to check

BLOCK_EMAIL_ON_URLERROR = False # Defaults to False


To use the formfield simply import it and use it:

from django import forms
from blockedemails.fields import EmailField

class ExampleForm(forms.Form):
    email = EmailField()