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Various useful scripts for OMERO
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OMEROscripts moves all images in a single Dataset to a single specified Well in a Plate as fields in that Well. If the Plate already exists, provide the Plate ID and if it doesn't yet exist, provide a name to be given to the new Plate and get back the Plate ID for that new Plate. generate (a) Plate(s) from all the Fields in (a) Well(s). Optionally, add the new Plate to a Screen. apply new rendering settings to all images in a list of Screens or Plates in bulk and has the following options:

  1. reset to imported (all others below are then ignored),
  2. only change the assigned colors per channel (without changing the min/max),
  3. turn on/off certain channel's visibility,
  4. set the min/max from an example image provided.
    In principle one should be able to apply multiple options simultaneously but there's a bug somewhere that causes some strange behaviour.
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