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bagri project

XML/Document DB on top of distributed cache.

Consists of the following Maven modules:

  • bagri-core - Bagri API, common classes and utilities
  • bagri-client - Bagri client side implementations
  • bagri-server - Bagri server side implementations
  • bagri-rest - Bagri REST server
  • bagri-xqj - JSR225 implementation, JSR225 TCK runner
  • bagri-xquery - (X)Query engine implementations
  • bagri-samples - sample apps, Bagri extensions
  • bagri-test - Test Utilities, e.g. TPoX test suite runner
  • bagri-tools - JMX Tools, Bagri VisualVM Plugin
  • bagri-distr - distributive package
  • etc - additional libs, sample data, etc...


Bagri is distributed under the Apache 2 License.

To start using it

download Bagri distributive from the release section

Or, configure Maven dependencies in your project.

bagridb maven central Client side dependencies:

<!-- Bagri XQJ driver -->

<!-- Bagri XDM API implementation -->

bagridb maven central Server side dependencies:

<!-- Bagri REST module -->

<!-- Bagri Server module -->

All project documentation and other details can be found on Bagri Web site.

To leave a feedback or question please visit our forum.

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