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what is the project state ? #1

schmurfy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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this is not really an issue but since I cannot send a private message...
I just found your project and was wondering which was its state, is it working ? is it abandoned ?

I started looking for an alternative to rrd nearly since I really started using rrd but there isn't a lot of options out there.


Hi there - it's not abandoned - just no recent updates. It's working as is. The biggest part that's lacking is documentation.


good to hear ! I can continue digging then :)
I managed to build it on my computer and tried to use it but as you pointed documentation is really lacking, I am trying to update the ruby plugins for 1.9 to give it a ride. I will send a pull request if I manage to make it works (it segfaults for now xD).

I was curious about the "basic stats", could you give me some informations ? (I did not look at the code yet, was waiting for your answer on the project's state)


Great - the Ruby extensions were written against 1.8, I've not been working in Ruby lately so I've not updated them.

What sort of basic stats are you looking for?


In the readme you said some basic stats are available, that si what I was refering to.

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