Foscam security camera control from the command line.
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---------- is a shell script that commands the Foscam family of internet
enabled cameras. Its a wrapper around the IPCAM CGI SDK 2.1, issuing
HTTP commands directly to the camera.

To use:

Edit the script, change the user/password/host settings to reflect  your own
camera's particular configuration. MAKE SURE THE USER IS AN ADMINISTRATOR: or some
commands won't work (ie, reboot). You can also change the default timeout from 1s
to 2s, or what have you.

To see the current list of commands use run the command with no parameters:


              left : go left for 1s (or supply a specific # of seconds)
             right : go right for 1s (or supply a specific # of seconds)
                up : go up for 1s (or supply a specific # of seconds)
              down : go down for 1s (or supply a specific # of seconds)
            center : center the camera
     flipandmirror : set flip and mirror settings
   noflipandmirror : disable flip or mirror settings
          snapshot : take a snapshot. Returns the name of the file.
            reboot : Reboot the camera.

# center the camera: center
# go left for 1s left
# go right for 5s right 5

References & Requirements:

requires 'curl'.
See the main documentation: