uses +signs sidebar to show where other s/// matches are in your current window.
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The sluice plugin uses vim's '+signs' gutter to provide additional context while editing in Vim. It provides two modes of operation:

  • micro: The signs gutter will show information relevant to the current line directly to the right.

  • macro: The gutter is condensed to act like a scroll bar, where the overall context of the files are 'shrunk' to fit within the current visible signs.

This plugin is extensible (see sluice-plugins). Currently sluice is bundled with three plugins: search (show all matches to the @/ register), undercursor (show all matches in the file for the word currently under the cursor), git (show all additions and subtractions in the file if the file is in a git repository).


Micro mode

In 'micro mode' the icon gutter works in the way one normally expects: the gutter immediately to the left of a line corresponds to the line next to it.

The screenshot below shows how sluice looks in plain old text mode:

text micro mode screenshot

When '+icon' support is setup and imagemagick is installed, the same screen looks like:

icon micro mode screenshot

Macro mode

In 'macro mode' the icon gutter works more like a scrollbar. The region with the same background color as the vim window correspond to what is currently visible on the screen, while the darker background in the gutter correspond to parts of the file not currently visible.

In the text version of the gutter plugin below we can see that we are in the top part of the file, and that the word 'function' (the word that the cursor is currently resting on) has matches further down in the file. The 'X' characters denote areas where both a normal search (in this screenshot for 'slash') is also the same general region where the word under the cursor also matches:

text macro mode screenshot

When graphics are enabled, the same information is rendered thusly:

icon macro mode screenshot


Vim 7.3+, with '+signs' support, and the vus library.

For console support you need a console that supports 256+ colors and CSApprox.

For icon based gutter, vim must have '+icon' support and you need imagemagick installed. On OSX:

brew install imagemagick


To run the unit tests you must install the vimunit plugin. They can be run by typing the following on the console:

~/.vim/bundle/vimunit/ autoload/sluice/test.vim