A base theme for building with the Hybrid Core framework. Uses Foundation.
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Hybrid Foundation

A starter theme based on Hybrid Core and Foundation 6.4.3.

Getting Started


You only need to do this once on your development machine.

  • Install Node.js
  • Install Sass
  • Install Gulp.js - from Terminal or Command Prompt run npm install --global gulp

Project Setup

1. Clone the repository

$ cd my-wordpress-folder/wp-content/themes/
$ git clone git@github.com:dsutoyo/hybrid-foundation.git
$ mv hybrid-foundation your-theme-name
$ cd your-theme-name

$ npm install

2. Edit gulpfile.js

Change proxy: 'wordpress.dev/' to proxy: 'my-site.dev/' in gulpfile.js, where 'my-site' is your local domain

3. Run Gulp

The default gulp task compiles Sass and automatically refreshes your browser every time you update your files.

$ gulp