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macSVG Release Notes

macSVG v1.2 - July 16, 2022

This release of macSVG 1.2 adds support for Macs with Apple Silicon M1/M2 processors.

Update build architectures for X86_64 and Apple Silicon.

Replace the libssh2 library with the Swift package Libssh2Prebuild.

Made a minor change in text_on_an_animated_path.svg to work around a WebKit animation bug.

macSVG v1.1.7 - May 12, 2020

This release of macSVG 1.1.7 contains several bug fixes, notably with copy, paste and drag commands. Several views containing stepper controls have bug fixes.

Editing for SVG paths with relative coordinates is improved.

Some improvements were made for editing animation with keyTimes/keySplines/keyPoints animate, animateMotion and animateTransform elements.

The built-in HTTP server was migrated to use GCDWebServer.

macSVG v1.1.6 - December 9, 2019

Several deprecation warnings about WebKit were supressed with #pragma statements.

Several deprecated API calls were fixed, such as updating NSURLRequest to use NSURLSessionDataTask instead. Several drag-and-drop functions were also updated.

JavaScript is now programatically enabled when a document window is opened.

Several bugs were fixed in NSTableViews and the NSOutlineView for the SVG XML document. Some bugs were fixed for tool tips in the outline view to display the full text of an element when the mouse hovers over an outline item.

All remaining cell-based table views were converted to view-based. In most cases for table views, MakeViewWithIdentifier:owner: now passes NULL as the owner.

The user interface for editing the keyTimes, keySpines and keyPoints attributes for the animate, animateMotion and animateTransform elements were updated. Each row in the table view contains a combo box which allows linear, ease-in, ease-out or ease-in/out animation timings to be set. The keySplines curve is displayed for each item. The user interface tries to make sure that the correct number of parameters are availabe for editing based on the number of items in the values attribute.

Some third-party libraries were updated: libssh2, CocoaLumberjack and CocoaAsyncSocket.

Stepper controls were added in the AnimateTransform editor for the transform values.

The URL for viewing SVG documentation was fixed to match the new location at the w3c website.

A bug was fixed in several places where an extra semicolon was added after the final item in values attributes.

The tool panel now contains a Share button. It can be used with AirDrop to quickly open the current SVG document on an iPhone, iPad or another Mac.

The URL for the Google SVG Search under the Help menu was fixed.

The website under the Help menu is currently offline due to the murder of one of the developers getting murdered in Syria, and then that website got hacked. Hopefully, the OpenClipArt website will return soon.

macSVG v1.1.5 - February 1, 2019

MacSVG v1.1.5 provides a temporary fix for the application to work in macOS Mojave Dark Mode. For now, the app will "opt-out" of Dark Mode, and render views as a Light Mode application. Specifically, the NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance is set to true in Info.plist to force Light Mode rendering. The next release will adjust the views to provide a proper Dark Mode user interface.

macSVG v1.1.4 - May 8, 2018

MacSVG v1.1.4 fixes a bug in the Element Info plugin. The bug prevented the Element Info panel from displaying live updates as elements were moved, resized, etc.

macSVG v1.1.3 - May 8, 2018

MacSVG v1.1.3 features several bug fixes, mostly for the , and elements, and the user interface for those elements.

In the Image Element Editor, the image box labeled "Drag image or SVG into box" now works as described.

In previous releases, the Image and Text tools remained the active tool after clicking in the SVG web view. That is changed in this release, those tools will switch to the Arrow tool after clicking in the web view, consistent with the behavior of other drawing tools like the Rect and Circle tools.

macSVG v1.1.2 - November 26, 2017

MacSVG v1.1.2 introduces a new plug-in called Element Info. This plug-in displays information about the currently selected element, and is especially helpful when drawing a new element or editing an existing one. The ElementInfoEditor shows these attribute values, depending on the element: x, y, width, height, cx, cy, r, rx and ry. The plug-in also show the current bounding box in the web view for the selected element, and the current DOM mouse page coordinates.

When the center-of-rotation handle is dragged to new coordinates, if the selected element contains an "animateTransform" element, the app will attempt to sync the new center-of-rotation coordinates to the animateTransform element. This works best if the SVG animation is stopped or paused.

Added ToolTips to the XMLOutlineView view. When the mouse hovers over the Element column in the outline view, the XML representation of the element will be displayed.

macSVG v1.1.1 - November 20, 2017

MacSVG v1.1.1 features improvements to the SVG web view rulers, the XML outline view, and drag-and-drop functions.

The new web view rulers now display numerical values at the major marks. The rulers will scale and translate to match the web view zoom factor and the scroll bar knobs.

The XML outline view was converted from cell-based to view-based, and the layout and fonts were adjusted slightly.

The XML outline view was improved for drag-and-drop operations, especially when multiple items are selected. The user interface has a new rule for using the mouse to select a single item within an existing selection; in that situation, use a double-click to select the single item.

This release changes the format of the downloadable application file to use simple Zip compression only. Previously, a DMG disk image was contained within the Zip file. To install the application, expand the Zip file, then drag to the /Applications folder.

macSVG v1.1 - October 24, 2017

Several improvements and bug fixes were made for using the "transform" attribute for translate, scale, rotate, skewX and skewY operations. The interactive controls in the web view now work better with nested transformations using <g> group elements. Although a transform attribute can contain multiple operations, the controls may work better if the transform operations are divided into nested groups.

A new center of rotation control handle is now displayed in the web view while editing a rotate transform. The new handle can be dragged in the web view to change the center of rotation point, and the other handles can be dragged to rotate around the center of rotation point.

A new item is added to the Plug-Ins menu called "Path Text Generator". The user can enter a line of text and select a font, then click a button to generate a <path> element to draw the shape of the text. User settings are available for font size and origin offset. Two options are available for generating the path: 1) the whole string converted to a single path element, or 2) each character in the string is converted as a separate path element.

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