Dataset Zoologie

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<datei xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
    <datensatz typ="u" status="n" mabVersion="M2.0">
        <feld nr="###" ind=" "><![CDATA[00506nM2.01200024      u]]></feld>
        <feld nr="001" ind=" "><![CDATA[033314047]]></feld>
        <feld nr="002" ind="a"><![CDATA[19930513]]></feld>
        <feld nr="003" ind=" "><![CDATA[20120101000000]]></feld>
        <feld nr="010" ind=" "><![CDATA[011531142]]></feld>
        <feld nr="025" ind="o"><![CDATA[311697139]]></feld>
        <feld nr="026" ind=" "><![CDATA[BSZ033314047]]></feld>
        <feld nr="029" ind="m"><![CDATA[B]]></feld>
        <feld nr="030" ind=" "><![CDATA[e|zu|||z|00||]]></feld>
        <feld nr="037" ind="b"><![CDATA[ger]]></feld>
        <feld nr="037" ind="z"><![CDATA[dt.]]></feld>
        <feld nr="050" ind=" "><![CDATA[a|||||||||||||]]></feld>
        <feld nr="051" ind=" "><![CDATA[|||||||]]></feld>
        <feld nr="070" ind="a"><![CDATA[BSZ]]></feld>
        <feld nr="076" ind="b"><![CDATA[od]]></feld>
        <feld nr="076" ind="c"><![CDATA[druck]]></feld>
        <feld nr="077" ind="u"><![CDATA[Zoologie. - 1963. - 347 S. : zahlr. Ill. - (... ; 28)]]></feld>
        <feld nr="080" ind=" "><![CDATA[FR046]]></feld>
        <feld nr="081" ind=" "><![CDATA[Biologie]]></feld>
        <feld nr="089" ind=" "><![CDATA[2]]></feld>
        <feld nr="090" ind=" "><![CDATA[000002........................]]></feld>
        <feld nr="331" ind=" "><![CDATA[Zoologie]]></feld>
        <feld nr="410" ind=" "><![CDATA[Frankfurt am Main]]></feld>
        <feld nr="412" ind=" "><![CDATA[Fischer-Taschenbuch-Verl.]]></feld>
        <feld nr="425" ind=" "><![CDATA[1963]]></feld>
        <feld nr="425" ind="a"><![CDATA[1963]]></feld>
        <feld nr="433" ind=" "><![CDATA[347 S. : zahlr. Ill]]></feld>
        <feld nr="451" ind=" "><![CDATA[¬Das¬ Fischer-Lexikon ; 28]]></feld>
        <feld nr="453" ind=" "><![CDATA[015724298]]></feld>
        <feld nr="454" ind=" "><![CDATA[¬Das¬ Fischer-Lexikon]]></feld>
        <feld nr="455" ind=" "><![CDATA[28]]></feld>
        <feld nr="456" ind=" "><![CDATA[000028........................]]></feld>
        <feld nr="540" ind="a"><![CDATA[ISBN 3-436-01421-4]]></feld>

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