Import Sample Data

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In order to define mappings and transformation routines sample data need to be imported to d:swarm.

Note: Imports are achieved via file uploads in the alpha release. In future versions you will be able to load sample data via interfaces like OAI-PMH etc.

Import Workflow

Use the import function to import sample data:

data import dialogue

  • Click the tab “Import” (1).
  • Click on “Search” or “Choose File” (depending on the browser you use) (2). A dialog box will open.
  • Find the file you want to upload (you can upload only one file at a time).
    • Note: You can import files of any format. At this stage, however, only CSV, XML and JSON can be processed. File formats will not be validated.
  • Click on “Open” to confirm your choice.
  • Choose a telling name for the data resource contained in your file (obligatory) and write a short description (optional) (3).
  • Finish the upload process by clicking on “Submit” (4).

Having successfully imported the data resource you will be automatically delegated to the tab “Data” in the list “Available for configuration”.

D:SWARM Help - Step by Step

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