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d:swarm scripts

a collection of useful commandline scripts for working with d:swarm

  • generate_dswarm_projects_overviews.sh: generates various d:swarm projects overviews (i.e. different serializations (CSV, JSON, line-delimited JSON)) from d:swarm projects in a folder that have been exported with help of the d:swarm tools (requires jq and json2csv)
    • following fields are available:
      • uuid: project identifier
      • name: project name
      • input_data_model_uuid: input data model identifier
      • input_data_model_name: input data model name
      • input_schema_uuid: input schema identifier
      • input_schema_name: input schema name
      • output_data_model_uuid: output data model identifier
      • output_data_model_name: output data model name
      • output_schema_uuid: output schema identifier
      • output_schema_name: output schema name
      • mappings_count: number of the mappings that are contained in the project
      • mappings: names of the mappings that are contained in the project