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This project follows semantic versioning.

v1.0.0 (2019-03-21)

  • [added] Added ability to publish small beacons for rendezvous
  • [added] Added build chain for packages
  • [added] Added more tests
  • [changed] Allow to build binary without manpage
  • [changed] Rust edition 2018
  • [changed] Rust version 1.33.0
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed bug that could cause repeated initialization messages

v0.9.1 (2019-02-16)

  • [fixed] Fixed bug in new hex secret key functionality

v0.9.0 (2019-02-15)

  • [added] Added support for cross-compilation
  • [added] Added keepalive option for nodes behind NAT
  • [added] Added ability to write out statistics file with peers and traffic info
  • [added] Added dummy device type that does not allocate an interface
  • [added] Added ability to change /dev/tun path
  • [changed] Using ring instead of libsodium
  • [changed] Using PBKDF2 for shared keys (incompatible)
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Hashed magics now also consider first character (incompatible)

v0.8.2 (2019-01-02)

  • [changed] Using serde instead of rustc_serialize
  • [changed] Updated libsodium to 1.0.16
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Making clippy happy
  • [fixed] Fixed wrong address

v0.8.1 (2017-05-09)

  • [added] Added more tests
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Updated libsodium to 1.0.12
  • [changed] Small fixes to make clippy happy
  • [changed] Removed a layer of indirection from inner loop
  • [fixed] Fixed two problems with routing table

v0.8.0 (2016-11-25)

  • [added] Support for automatic port forwarding via UPnP
  • [added] Added -s shorthand for --subnet
  • [added] Support for YAML config file via --config
  • [added] Support for running in the background
  • [added] Support for dropping permissions
  • [added] Support for writing a pid file
  • [added] Support for writing logs to logfile
  • [changed] Not overriding recently learnt addresses in switch mode
  • [changed] Caching resolved addresses to increase performance
  • [changed] Configurable magic header is now used instead of Network-ID (incompatible)
  • [changed] Clarified documentation on TUN netmasks
  • [changed] Added timestamps to output
  • [changed] Using new YAML config instead of old config files (incompatible)
  • [changed] Prefer IPv4 over IPv6 when possible
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [fixed] Fixed documentation of listen parameter
  • [fixed] Fixed problem with multiple subnets
  • [fixed] Fixed problem with interrupted poll after suspend to ram
  • [fixed] Forgot to extend peer timeout on peer exchange
  • [fixed] No longer broadcasting to additional addresses

v0.7.0 (2016-08-05)

  • [added] Added more tests
  • [added] Added pluggable polling system
  • [added] Added documentation
  • [changed] Code cleanup
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] Turned some clippy warnings off
  • [changed] Cross-compiling for ARM
  • [changed] Updated libsodium to 1.0.11
  • [removed] Removed Address remove code for prefix table
  • [fixed] Reconnecting to lost peers when receiving from them or sending to them
  • [fixed] Sending peer list more often to prevent timeouts
  • [fixed] Removing learnt addresses of lost peers
  • [fixed] Fixed possible crash in message decoding

v0.6.0 (2016-06-02)

  • [added] Exponential backoff for reconnect timeouts
  • [added] Systemd compatible startup scripts
  • [changed] Repeatedly resolving connect addresses to allow DynDNS
  • [changed] Listening on IPv4 and IPv6
  • [changed] Using SO_REUSEADDR to allow frequent rebinding
  • [changed] Building and using local libsodium library automatically
  • [changed] Updated dependencies

v0.5.0 (2016-04-05)

  • [added] Added license and copyright information
  • [added] Added documentation for daemon config files
  • [added] Script for performance measurements
  • [added] Added more tests and benchmarks
  • [changed] Daemon now detects network config files on its own
  • [changed] Using display format for addresses
  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] New measurements
  • [changed] Only calling crypto_init once
  • [changed] Passing listen address as &str
  • [changed] Using FNV hash for better performance
  • [changed] Using slice operations instead of loops
  • [changed] Updated libsodium to 1.0.10
  • [changed] Renamed to
  • [fixed] Fixed wrong hex address formatting
  • [fixed] Fixed peer exchange for more than 65000 peers
  • [fixed] Initializing crypto for benchmarks
  • [fixed] Removing learned addresses of lost peers

v0.4.3 (2016-02-02)

  • [changed] Updated libsodium to 1.0.8
  • [fixed] Fixed problem with nodes broadcasting to themselves

v0.4.2 (2016-01-19)

  • [changed] Updated dependencies
  • [changed] New measurements
  • [changed] Using copy trait more often
  • [fixed] Fixed deb changelog

v0.4.1 (2015-12-22)

  • [changed] Logging more verbosely
  • [fixed] Removing NULL-bytes from interface name
  • [fixed] Supporting hostnames as peers
  • [fixed] No longer encrypting multiple times
  • [fixed] Properly decoding protocol header when sending
  • [fixed] Corrected size of read data

v0.4.0 (2015-12-22)

  • [added] Init script
  • [changed] Removed last payload memcopy
  • [changed] Using RNG to select peers for peers list exchange
  • [changed] Updated dependency versions
  • [changed] Updated documentation
  • [fixed] Printing errors instead of panics in some cases
  • [fixed] Build script for Debian packages

v0.3.1 (2015-12-03)

  • [added] Unique node ids to avoid connecting to self (incompatible)
  • [fixed] Calling sync when writing to TUN/TAP device

v0.3.0 (2015-12-02)

  • [added] Support for AES256GCM encryption
  • [added] Including current libsodium in builds
  • [added] --crypto parameter to select encryption method
  • [changed] Increased ChaCha20Poly1305 nonce from 8 to 12 bytes (incompatible)
  • [changed] Updated dependency versions
  • [changed] More tests
  • [changed] Removed more "unsafe" blocks
  • [fixed] Forgot to call sodium_init, huge performance increase

v0.2.0 (2015-11-26)

  • [added] Sending close message at the end
  • [added] Support for IPv6 addresses
  • [added] Support for ChaCha20Poly1305 encryption
  • [removed] Support for ChaCha20HmacSha512256 encryption
  • [changed] Complete rewrite of encryption code (incompatible)
  • [changed] Removed unused code
  • [changed] Some speed improvements
  • [changed] Removed lots of "unsafe" blocks (fixes security issue)
  • [changed] Added benchmarks
  • [changed] Two step handshake in order to fix problems with inconsistent state
  • [fixed] Pretty error messages instead of panics with traces
  • [fixed] Pretty addresses instead of debug representation

v0.1.0 (2015-11-25)

  • First release
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