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jQuery Field Plug-in

This plugin greatly expands the ability to retrieve and set values in forms beyond jQuery's standard val() method (and Mike Alsup's Form Plug-in's fieldArray() method) by allowing you to interact with all types of form field elements (except input[type="file"], which is a read-only element.) It works the same way for text elements as it does for radio, checkbox and select elements.

The plug-in was built on the concept that you want to manipulate the fields like their traditional variables. Selectors should be written to query a specific field object (i.e. elements that would be linked together via a common name attribute, for example $("input[name='myRadioButton']").)

Elements that return multiple values are either separated by a comma or returned as an array based on which methods you invoke.

For elements that allow more than one option to be select (select and checkbox elements) you can specify a comma delimited list or an array of values to mark multiple options as being selected.