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Source Code and materials for Getting Started with Spring Security 3.1 from SpringOne 2012. To run the samples import the project into Spring Tool Suite using the Gradle Eclipse plugin.

Running the sample project

The following provides information on setting up a development environment that can run the sample in Spring Tool Suite 3.0.0+. Other IDE's should work using Gradle's IDE support, but have not been tested.

  • IDE Setup
    • Install Spring Tool Suite 3.0.0+
    • You will need the following plugins installed (can be found on the Extensions Page)
      • Gradle Eclipse
  • Importing the project into Spring Tool Suite
    • File->Import...->Gradle Project

Trying Spring Security JavaConfig

The javaconfig branch contains a demonstration of what the Spring Security Java Configuration support may look like. This is certainly not complete, nor a clean solution. However, it should give users an idea of what will be happening.