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Version 0.9.2 (2011-04-06)
- Fix: special characters not encoded correctly in plain text sections
- Fix: HTML hex entities incorrectly parsed
- Add indices into underlying buffer to AST nodes
- Upgraded to parboiled 0.11.1
Version 0.9.1 (2011-03-21)
- Upgraded to parboiled 0.11.0
Version 0.9.0 (2011-02-11)
- Completely overhauled and cleaned up general architecture, split out HTML serialization into AST visitor (thanks to Ravindar Reddy)
- Fixed bug causing the disappearance of text elements in certain list constructs
- Fixed excessive backtracking bug on parsing larger blocks of 'opening-tags-only' HTML
- Fixed file name casing problem causing certain tests to fail on case-sensitive file systems
- Implemented various smaller performance improvements resulting in a general speed-up by 10-30%
- Opened up PegDownProcessor and Parser to custom extensions
- Switched from Ant to Buildr, changed to maven-style project layout
- Changed to 3 part version numbering in preparation of the coming semantic versioning compatibility (http://semver.org)
- Upgraded to parboiled 0.10.1
Version (2010-10-04)
- Switched off superfluous parse tree building resulting in nearly doubled parsing performance
- Upgraded to parboiled
Version (2010-08-13)
- Added HTML suppression options
- Upgraded to parboiled (another ~ 5% performance increase by using a few @MemoMismatches annotations)
Version (2010-08-12)
- Upgraded to parboiled (~ 10% performance increase, slightly simplified parser)
Version (2010-06-19)
- Fixed several problems, especially with regard to image links (thanks to Nick Ewing for the report)
- Added support for double angle quotes to the QUOTES extension
- Further increased test coverage
Version (2010-06-14)
- Completely rewrote AST implementation improving maintainability and simplifying further extensions
- Fixed different problems, mainly related to the ABBREVIATIONS extension
- Added TABLES extension
- Added simple benchmarking "test"
Version (2010-06-08)
- Fixed problem with SetextHeading2
- Fixed performance problem in inputs with complex emphasis constructs
- Added ABBREVIATIONS extension
- Added HARDWRAPS extension
- Added AUTOLINKS extension
- Added support for parens in link urls (must be escaped in explicit links)
- Expanded test coverage
Version (2010-04-30)
first public release