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GridGain integration for Spring Batch

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Spring Batch GridGain Integration

This project provides some implementations of Spring Batch idioms and SPIs using GridGain.

Getting Started

To build it clone and then use Maven:

$ git clone ...
$ cd spring-batch-gridgain
$ mvn install

To use it you would create a project depend on both Spring Batch and this project. If you have the SpringSource Tool Suite (STS) you can use a template project (File->New->Spring Template Project) to get a starting point.

Using Maven: in your pom.xml


and then you will be able to use all the features provided by this project.


GridGainPartitionHandler can be used to send Step execution work out into a GridGain cluster. There is an example in the spring-batch-gridgain unit tests:

<job id="job" xmlns="">
   <step id="step-master">
      <partition handler="partitionHandler" step="step"
         partitioner="partitioner" />
<bean id="partitionHandler"
   class="org.springframework.batch.core.partition.gridgain.GridGainPartitionHandler" />
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