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Spring Boot Support for Servlet 2.5

Latest release 2.0.1.RELEASE, updated to Spring Boot 2.0.3.RELEASE.

Spring Boot is built on Servlet 3.1. Older servlet versions can be used with Spring Boot, but some workarounds are needed. This project is a library that gives you a start with those. There is a sample that is running on Google Appengine at Copy the web.xml from the sample to get started with your own project.

To deploy the sample to GAE use mvn appengine:update (reference docs are here).

Additionally this can be used to load Spring Boot in a Servlet 3.0+ container like Wildfly 8.2.1 when you exclude the Spring Framework and Spring Boot dependencies from the WAR and place them in the EAR. i.e. A Skinny Ear. See Spring Boot EAR with Skinny WARs.