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Spring MVC project with Java config

This is a simple template for creating issue reproduction projects per the README in the root of this repository. Please review that document before starting.

As described at the link above, do not edit this project directly! Rather use the ./create-repro-project.sh script to create a fresh copy to a new directory having the same name as the JIRA issue you're trying to reproduce and edit from there.


It is possible to deploy your application directly from the command-line using maven. See the next two sections on Cargo and Jetty.


You can deploy with the Cargo Maven plugin which supports a wide range of servers. The required command is mvn package cargo:run.

By default Cargo is configured to start with Tomcat 8 but you can easily edit the plugin settings in pom.xml to switch to a different server and version. The pom.xml or to switch to debug settings.


You can also deploy with the Jetty Maven plugin. The required command is mvn jetty:run or mvnDebug jetty:run.


This project contains a log4j.properties file in src/main/resources that you may wish to configure to emit more detailed logging. The root logger is set to INFO and a custom org.springframework.web logger is set to DEBUG.