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This is a simple template for creating issue reproduction projects per
the README.markdown file in the root of this repository (and at
https://github.com/cbeams/spring-framework-issues#readme).  Please read
that document completely before starting.

As described at the link above, copy this project to a new directory
having the same name as the JIRA issue you're trying to reproduce and
edit from there.

Both Gradle (build.gradle) and Maven (pom.xml) build scripts are
included for your convenience and choice.  Once you've created your
copy of this directory, delete whichever build script you don't wish
to use, and then edit the remaining one to suit your needs.

Note that this project contains a log4j.properties file in
src/test/resources that you may wish to configure to emit more detailed
logging.  The log level for org.springframework is set to WARN by default.