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This is a small web application that reproduces the bug behind SPR-9209.

How to reproduce the bug

Normal behavior

  1. Start the webapp with mvn jetty:run.

  2. In another console window, execute curl -i localhost:8080/request1. The application correctly returns HTTP 500 Internal Server Error since the request handler for /request1 simply throws an NullPointerException.

  3. Execute curl -i localhost:8080/request2. The handler for `/request2/ throws an IllegalArgumentException, but the controller contains an @ExceptionResolver which handles a IllegalArgumentException. The curl command shows the application returning HTTP 400 Bad Request as the @ExceptionHandler in WebController specifies.

  4. Execute curl -i localhost:8080/request1 again - the application still returns HTTP 500 because of the NullPointerException.

The buggy behavior

  1. Kill the jetty server from the previous steps and start the server fresh with mvn jetty:run.

  2. Execute curl localhost:8080/request2 first this time. Notice that the server returns HTTP 400 and prints out that it is handling a IllegalArgumentException.

  3. Now execute curl localhost:8080/request1. Now the application incorrectly returns HTTP 400 and prints "Handling IllegalArgumentException" instead of returning HTTP 500 because of an uncaught exception!