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Spring Integration STS Plugin and Templates

This project provides an plugin and various projects for SpringSource Tool Suite™.

How to build the project

In order to build the entire project run:

$ mvn clean package

This will result in 3 artifacts being created under target/out:

  • descriptor.xml
  • org.springframework.integration.sts.templates_1.0.0.M2.jar

In order to deploy to STS you have 2 options:

  1. drop the Eclipse plugin org.springframework.integration.sts.templates_1.0.0.M2.jar to your Eclipse STS dropins/plugins folder. Restart Eclipse STS.

  2. Option 2 is good for developing/changing the Eclipse STS template.

Take the jar file and unpack it in your Eclipse workspace in a directory called .metadata/.sts/content/${pom.artifactId}-${pom.version}. Then add or edit the template descriptor in .metadata/.plugins/com.springsource.sts.content.core/content.xml so it has this form:

<descriptor id="${pom.artifactId}" kind="template" local="true"
      name="${}" size="0" version="${pom.version}">

Make sure there are no conflicting templates with the same name and a different version.


A few file in the template project require absolute URLs. By default the pom is setup to use:


Therefore, if you prefer a custom base location (e.g.:, then you must set the base.location property such as:

$ mvn package -Dbase.location=
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