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symblog tutorial - Creating a blog in Symfony2


This project is the documentation source for the symblog tutorial located at

Full details of this project can be found at the symblog tutorial site.

The demo site for this project can be found at


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Rename 'app/parameters.ini.dist' to 'app/parameter.ini'
  3. Run 'php bin/vendors install' to install all the required vendors
  4. Install the assets with 'php app/console assets:install web'
  5. Create the database with 'php app/console doctrine:database:create'
  6. Update schema with 'php app/console doctrine:schema:create'
  7. Load fixtures with 'php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load'

Updating to Symfony 2.0.3

If you already have a clone of the repo you will need to update your vendors by running

$ php bin/vendors install
$ php ./app/console cache:clear

More information can be found on the Symfony 2 blog

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