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SHELL := $(shell which bash) -O globstar -O extglob -c
empty :=
space := $(empty) $(empty)
join-with = $(subst $(space),$1,$(strip $2))
device = $(call join-with,\ ,$(shell jq -r .controller.device packages/$(1)/package.json))
manufacturer = $(call join-with,\ ,$(shell jq -r .controller.manufacturer packages/$(1)/package.json))
path = $(call join-with,\ ,$(shell jq -r .controller.path packages/$(1)/package.json))
mapping = $(builddir)/$(call manufacturer,$(1))\ $(call device,$(1)).midi.xml
script = $(builddir)/$(call manufacturer,$(1))-$(call device,$(1))-scripts.js
arch := $(shell uname)
# List the default Resource directories of Mixxx on different architectures
installDirDarwin := $(HOME)/Library/Application\ Support/Mixxx
installDirLinux := $(HOME)/.mixxx
installDir ?= $(installDir$(arch))
package := ./package.json
builddir ?= ./dist
version := $(shell jq -r .version package.json)
scriptFiles = $(shell ls packages/*/!(node_modules)/**/*.js)
mappingFiles = $(package) packages/$(1)/$(path)/buttons.js packages/$(1)/$(path)/template.xml.ejs
targets := $(shell jq -r '.controllers | join (" ")' package.json)
define targetScriptRules
$(call script,$(1)) : $(scriptFiles)
./scripts/compile-scripts.js $(1) "$$@"
define targetMappingRules
$(call mapping,$(1)) : $(mappingFiles)
./scripts/compile-mapping.js $(1) "$$@"
define compileRule
compile : $(foreach target,$(1),$(call mapping,$(target)) $(call script,$(target)))
.PHONY : compile
define installRule
install : $(foreach target,$(1),$(call mapping,$(target)) $(call script,$(target)))
cd $$(installDir) && mkdir -p controllers
cp $(foreach target,$(1),$(call mapping,$(target)) $(call script,$(target))) $$(installDir)/controllers
.PHONY : install
define releaseRule
$(builddir)/mixxx-launchpad-$(version).zip : $(foreach target,$(1),$(call mapping,$(target)) $(call script,$(target))) | $(builddir)
zip -j -9 $$@ $(foreach target,$(1),$(call mapping,$(target)) $(call script,$(target)))
default : compile
.PHONY : default
mkdir -p $@
$(foreach target,$(targets),$(eval $(call targetScriptRules,$(target))))
$(foreach target,$(targets),$(eval $(call targetMappingRules,$(target))))
$(eval $(call compileRule,$(targets)))
$(eval $(call installRule,$(targets)))
$(eval $(call releaseRule,$(targets)))
release : $(builddir)/mixxx-launchpad-$(version).zip
.PHONY : release
test :
npm run lint
npm run check
.PHONY : test
watch_install :
@echo Stop watching with Ctrl-C
@sleep 1 # Wait a bit so users can read
@$(MAKE) install
@trap exit SIGINT; fswatch -o $(scriptFiles) $(mappingFiles) | while read; do $(MAKE) install; done
.PHONY : watch_install
watch :
@echo Stop watching with Ctrl-C
@sleep 1 # Wait a bit so users can read
@trap exit SIGINT; fswatch -o $(scriptFiles) $(mappingFiles) | while read; do $(MAKE); done
.PHONY : watch
clean :
rm -rf $(builddir) tmp
.PHONY : clean
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