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marked with the arrival time - nooo

the arrival time is stored with it. This has thus far proven to be
a big barrier to adoption.
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1 parent d5f7551 commit 5f8c437a7690a81fb6f4dd384755babd4148be7b Dave Taht committed Feb 18, 2014
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@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ outgoing link busy, but avoiding building up the queue beyond that
point. This is done by preferentially dropping packets that remain in
the queue for “too long”.
-When each new packet arrives, it is marked with its arrival time. Later,
+When each new packet arrives, its arrival time is stored with it. Later,
when it is that packet's turn to be dequeued, CoDel computes its sojourn
time (the current time minus the arrival time). If the sojourn time for
packets being dequeued exceeds the _target_ time for a time period of at

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