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include build/
MODULES = contrib/* applications/* libs/* modules/* themes/* i18n/*
OS:=$(shell uname)
MODULES:=$(foreach item,$(wildcard $(MODULES)),$(if $(realpath $(wildcard $(item)/Makefile)),$(item)))
export OS
.PHONY: all build gccbuild luabuild clean host gcchost luahost hostcopy hostclean
all: build
build: gccbuild luabuild
make -C libs/lmo CC="cc" CFLAGS="" LDFLAGS="" SDK="$(shell test -f .running-sdk && echo 1)" host-install
for i in $(MODULES); do \
make -C$$i SDK="$(shell test -f .running-sdk && echo 1)" compile || { \
echo "*** Compilation of $$i failed!"; \
exit 1; \
}; \
luabuild: i18nbuild
for i in $(MODULES); do HOST=$(realpath host) \
SDK="$(shell test -f .running-sdk && echo 1)" make -C$$i luabuild; done
mkdir -p host/lua-po
./build/ ./po host/lua-po
rm -f .running-sdk
rm -rf docs
make -C libs/lmo host-clean
for i in $(MODULES); do make -C$$i clean; done
host: build hostcopy
gcchost: gccbuild hostcopy
luahost: luabuild hostcopy
mkdir -p host/tmp
mkdir -p host/var/state
for i in $(MODULES); do cp -pR $$i/dist/* host/ 2>/dev/null || true; done
for i in $(MODULES); do cp -pR $$i/hostfiles/* host/ 2>/dev/null || true; done
rm -f host/luci
ln -s .$(LUCI_MODULEDIR) host/luci
rm -rf /tmp/luci-* || true
hostenv: sdk host ucidefaults
touch .running-sdk
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "$(realpath host)/bin/uci-defaults --exclude luci-freifunk-*"
runhttpd: hostenv
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "lua build/lucid.lua"
runuhttpd: hostenv
cp $(realpath build)/luci.cgi $(realpath host)/www/cgi-bin/luci
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "$(realpath host)/usr/sbin/uhttpd -p 8080 -h $(realpath host)/www -f"
runlua: hostenv
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "lua -i build/setup.lua"
runshell: hostenv
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) $$SHELL
hostclean: clean
rm -rf host
apidocs: hostenv
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "build/ host/luci/ docs"
nixiodocs: hostenv
build/ $(realpath host) $(LUA_MODULEDIR) $(LUA_LIBRARYDIR) "build/ libs/nixio/ nixiodocs"
po: host
for L in $${LANGUAGE:-$$(find i18n/ -path 'i18n/*/luasrc/i18n/*' -name 'default.*.lua' | \
sed -e 's!.*/default\.\(.*\)\.lua!\1!')}; do \
build/ . $(realpath host)/po $$L; \
# make run is deprecated #
# Please use: #
# #
# To run LuCI WebUI using LuCIttpd #
# make runhttpd #
# #
# To run LuCI WebUI using Boa/Webuci #
# make runboa #
# #
# To start a shell in the LuCI environment #
# make runshell #
# #
# To run Lua CLI in the LuCI environment #
# make runlua #