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We support two methods to advertise your contributed code for ns:
First, we need the following in order to add a pointer to your
code in the ns contributed code web page
(1) which version of ns was the code written for;
(2) a pointer to C/C++/OTcl code as well as simulation scripts on
your web server;
and hopefully also:
(3) a simple README explaining special setups needed to run the
simulations or tests.
(4) an example script illustrating the use of your protocol.
Second, we're also happy to work with developers to integrate their
code into the ns distribution. To do this, we need (in addition
to 1-4 above):
(5) code which works with the most recently released version of ns
(6) a test script exercising most important points of your protocol
(see the sample tests in tcl/test of the ns directory)
(7) documentation comparable to the Agent/SRM chapter of ``ns notes
and documentation''
(We realize that 5-7 are more work than simply 1-4. Without a test
suite we cannot insure that your code will work in future ns releases;
without documentation your code won't be very useful to others. The
advantage is that with these it will be much easier for other
researchers to build on your hard work.)
Please send your pointers to the ns-users mailing list
( Suggestions and
comments are also welcome.
- The ns Team
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