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Neither ns-2 nor nam-1 is developed on (nor for) the win32
platform. We can only guarantee that they compile on windows, but not
their correct functioning. If you have anything to contribute in this
respect, we would like to hear from you.
Before you build, notice that you can get nam and ns binaries for
windows at If you only want to
do tcl scripting in ns, they were probably what you want.
Procedures to compile on windows. For more information, whose details
about ns might be obsolete but others apply, see
- Make sure your msvc works (and your environment variables are setup
- Get Cygwin and perl
- IMPORTANT: otcl/tclcl/ns can be built and work with supplied tcl/tk
8.3.2, but nam will not (it builds, but does not run). To solve this
problem one has to use a hacked tcl/tk 8.0p2 that supports static
lib instead of DLLs. See the following discussion in nam for
detail. For this reason, there is a switch in otcl/ and
conf/ in tclcl/ns/nam that controls using static build
or DLLs. It is a macro STATIC_LIB, which is turned on by
default. You must download the hacked tcl/tk 8.0p2 to compile the
default ns-allinone on windows. Alternatively, if you do not use nam
at all, comment that macro and you'll be able to compile with tcl/tk
NOTE: none of the indep-utils/ are tested (nor known to be compiled)
on windows. If you did, please submit a patch/report to ns-users
mailing list ( Thank you.
- After compilation, you should do (1) copy the DLLs (if you are using
tcl/tk 8.3.2) to one of yours paths (you can see it in the system
applet from your control panel, or autoexec.bat if you are using
win98/95, or you can open a tcsh (dos prompt) and do echo $PATH
(%PATH%)); (2) copy the tcl library files (~tcl/library) to one of
the default paths (somehow setenv TCL_LIBRARY did not work for me on
windows, but you can certainly try). If you don't know the default
paths, run ns and you'll see it in its complaints.
IMPORTANT: you should avoid both these two steps if you are using
the hacked tcl/tk 8.0p2.
- Tcl8.3.2
- go into win, do nmake -f
- result binaries/libraries should be in win/Release
- you can also import into you ide and go from there
- Tk8.3.2
- pretty much the same as tcl8.3.2
- otcl
- correct the paths to your vc, tcl, and tk in, then do
nmake -f
- tclcl
- correct the paths to your vc, tcl, tk, and otcl in conf/
(do NOT touch, then do nmake -f
- ns-2
- same as tclcl, except you need to correct paths to tclcl and tclsh as well.
- about validate, see for detail. Notice
that many test suites will fail on windows platform, and you are
on your own to make sure the simulator works for your purpose.
- nam-1
- IMPORTANT: nam-1 will NOT work when compiled with tcl8.3.2 and
tk8.3.2. It requires that a STATIC build of tcl/tk, which the
current release does not support. To solve the problem, you can
download a patched tcl/tk 8.0.2 that can be compiled into static
libraries (i.e., not DLLs) from this pointer: and Then
you should uncomment the STATIC_LIB macro in
~nam/conf/, and correct other paths to your vc, otcl,
tclcl, tclsh, then compile.
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