Iproute2 patched to support variants of codel, cake, and fq_pie
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tohojo q_cake: Also print nonat, nowash and no-ack-filter keywords
Similar to the previous patch for no-split-gso, the negative keywords for
'nat', 'wash' and 'ack-filter' were not printed either. Add those well.

Signed-off-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke@toke.dk>
Latest commit ad86e18 Sep 14, 2018
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bash-completion tc: bash-completion: add missing 'classid' keyword Dec 12, 2017
bridge bridge: fix typo in hairpin error message Apr 9, 2018
devlink devlink: Print size of -1 as unlimited Apr 2, 2018
doc/actions doc: drop old ip command documentation Sep 29, 2017
etc/iproute2 tc: add em_ipt ematch for calling xtables matches from tc matching co… Feb 27, 2018
examples SPDX license identifiers Nov 24, 2017
genl SPDX license identifiers Nov 24, 2017
include Support class stats May 21, 2018
ip json_print: Fix hidden 64-bit type promotion Apr 25, 2018
lib json_print: Fix hidden 64-bit type promotion Apr 25, 2018
man Add a description of the tc filter override mechanism to the man page Aug 21, 2018
misc Merge branch 'iproute2-master' into iproute2-next Apr 2, 2018
netem SPDX license identifiers Nov 24, 2017
rdma rdma: Ignore unknown netlink attributes Apr 4, 2018
schema bridge: add json schema for bridge fdb show Jul 20, 2016
tc q_cake: Also print nonat, nowash and no-ack-filter keywords Sep 14, 2018
testsuite tests: make sure rand_dev suffix has 6 chars Jan 10, 2018
tipc tipc: change node address printout formats Mar 29, 2018
.gitignore Remove leftovers from removed Latex documentation Feb 14, 2018
COPYING Update address of FSF in license Mar 8, 2008
Makefile lib: Correct object file dependencies Feb 16, 2018
README README: re-add updated information link Feb 23, 2018
README.decnet Decnet documentation update Jun 13, 2005
README.devel README: update location of git repositories, remove broken info link Feb 14, 2018
README.distribution README cleanup's Jan 3, 2012
README.iproute2+tc tc, bpf: finalize eBPF support for cls and act front-end Apr 10, 2015
README.lnstat Rename: misc/README.lnstat -> README.lnstat Oct 19, 2004
configure Drop capabilities if not running ip exec vrf with libcap Mar 27, 2018


This is a set of utilities for Linux networking.



Stable version repository:

Development repository:

How to compile this.
1. libdbm

arpd needs to have the db4 development libraries. For Debian
users this is the package with a name like libdb4.x-dev.
DBM_INCLUDE points to the directory with db_185.h which
is the include file used by arpd to get to the old format Berkeley
database routines.  Often this is in the db-devel package.

2. make

The makefile will automatically build a config.mk file which
contains definitions of libraries that may or may not be available
on the system such as: ATM, ELF, MNL, and SELINUX.

3. To make documentation, cd to doc/ directory , then
   look at start of Makefile and set correct values for
   PAGESIZE=a4		, ie: a4 , letter ...	(string)
   PAGESPERPAGE=2	, ie: 1 , 2 ...		(numeric)
   and make there. It assumes, that latex, dvips and psnup
   are in your path.

4. This package includes matching sanitized kernel headers because
   the build environment may not have up to date versions. See Makefile
   if you have special requirements and need to point at different
   kernel include files.

Stephen Hemminger

Alexey Kuznetsov