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An extension for the Symphony CMS which sends a tweet to specified Twitter accounts when new content is posted to an associated section.
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Twitter Notifier

Version: 1.000
Author: Wilhelm Murdoch <>
Build Date: 18th March 2009
Requirements: Symphony from the git repository, matching the build date


1. Upload the 'twitternotifier' folder in this archive to your Symphony 'extensions' folder.

2. Enable it by accessing your administration panel and navigating to 'System -> Extensions'.
   Select the 'Twitter Notifier' entry by clicking on it and select 'enable' in the 'with-
   selected' dropdown box. Click the 'Apply' button.

3. You will be able to access this extension's settings by navigating to 'System -> Twitter'.

4. Add Twitter accounts and subscribe them to your sections.


1. Allow users to edit existing accounts.
2. Minor interface updates.
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