A thread-safe, lock-free implementation of the IList<T> interface for .NET
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ConcurrentList<T> is an implementation of the IList<T> interface designed for lock-free concurrency, with the following notable omissions*:

  1. Insert
  2. Remove
  3. RemoveAt
  4. Clear

In other words, ConcurrentList<T> is an append-only collection type supporting random indexed access to its elements.

The design of this data structure is described in the following post from the blog The Philosopher Developer:


For comparison purposes, this library also includes a SynchronizedList<T> type, which is a thin wrapper around the BCL's List<T> class with the appropriate operations synchronized via lock statements.

* The members of IList<T> not implemented by ConcurrentList<T> are explicit (not public) and throw exceptions when called.