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An explainer to define additional full screen options.


The ability to customize the UI when in fullscreen mode. On some Android devices there are physical buttons so that the back, home buttons are not hidden. However on devices that use overlays for the navigation buttons fullscreen mode can remove these depending on browser vendor. Samsung Internet browser keeps these buttons however Chrome does not. Some pages may prefer to have the navigation buttons so that the user can easily navigate out of the page. On the other hand other pages may not wish to have the navigation bar. This adds the ability for the page to provide a hint at what the UA should do.

Proposed API change:

Current API is

partial interface Element {
  Promise<void> requestFullscreen();
  // ...

Proposed API is

partial interface Element {
  Promise<void> requestFullscreen(optional FullscreenOptions options);
  // ...

FullscreenOptions IDL

enum FullscreenNavigationUI {

dictionary FullscreenOptions {
  FullscreenNavigationUI navigationUI = "auto";