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About ReStyle

ReStyle is an attempt to provide a minimal, sensible base.css--that is, a stylesheet that first resets inconsistent browser styles, then provides sensible defaults. In creating ReStyle, I used the reset stylesheet from Eric Meyer. This stylesheet provides a good starting point, though it does have a few issues in Internet Explorer 7 (e.g., header tags remain bolded, address tags are italicized) due to the browser's poor implementation of the inherit value in CSS. You may see a demo at my website.

For typography and rhythm, I turned to A List Apart. In particular, for setting font sizes in a consistent manner, I used the techniques described (and rigorously tested) in How to Size Text in CSS. In setting margins, I tried to follow Setting Type on the Web to a Baseline Grid, at least in principle, aligning text to a vertical grid. I also set the font-family of body text to be a sans-serif, simply because I find it to be much more readable and attractive. I also fixed the bizarre quirk of Firefox and Chrome that causes them to display monospaced fonts much smaller than their surrounding text.

Beyond those few, I tried to make uncontroversial decisions. Unordered lists are displayed as bulleted lists, ordered as numbered with arabic numerals, <strong> bolds, <em> italicizes, and so on.

ReStyle is available under the BSD License. For more information about my motivations in the development of ReStyle, see the blog post.