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Safe Haskell Examples
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Latest commit 13b0a45 @dterei Add more overlapping tests.
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Generics Add readme about Generics
cpp Add very simple cpp example
defaultInsances Add defaultInstances test.
defaulting Update defaulting.
deprecate Add some more Safe tests
ffi Add overlapping example and improve ffi one.
flags Initial Commit
gcast Add info on gcast
gnd Tweaks to role tests.
gnd1 More GND and Roles tests.
gnd2 More GND and Roles tests.
incoherent Add in incoherent isntances test.
newtypederiving cleaner GND example
orphans orphans + overlapping
output Initial Commit
overlapping orphans + overlapping
overlapping1 Add more overlapping tests.
pkgs Add some more Safe tests
roles more roles work
roles2 more roles work
roles3 Tweaks to role tests.
rules Initial Commit
specialize Initial Commit
standaloneDeriving Initial Commit
syb Generics and Typeable examples
thReify updates across the board
transitive Add some more Safe tests
typeFamilies updates across the board
typeable Updates from ICFP
typeclasses update typeclass readme
unsafePerformIO updates across the board Update readme
helloWorld.hs updates across the board

Safe Haskell Examples

This repository contains some example programs that generally do dangerous things that Safe Haskell is designed to stop. Think of it as a basic testsuite / playground for the Safe Haskell extension for GHC.

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