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Tried to abuse gcast in Data.Typable. It seems on the surface that you could get the same result as GND since gcast type is:

gcast :: (Typeable a, Typeable b) => c a -> Maybe (c b)

So the worrying thing here is how gcast can work with any 'c' parameter. Indeed even if I haven't exported the constructors of a data type gcast still works through that structure.


However I believe it is safe. To get a result like GND we don't just need to be able to see through 'c', we need to be able to change the type. gcast and related functions are safe as they aren't meant to change the type. When you get a 'Just x', the Typeable a and Typeable b should be the same type (since their TypeRep's should match). gcast and related are really oracles that answer the question, is my forall x type actually concrete type 'y'. Its like an 'instanceof' operation in Java with the conversion as well. GND though go further than that, it allows us to actually change the types which is the issue.