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Disabling the menu #1

Taverius opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The 'Plugin' menu was (very) useful when I was new to this, but I use it so much I really don't need it any more.

Could you either add an example of how to disable the menu in the readme, or add a variable to disable the menu generation?



Why do you want to do this? The plugin menu is used by lots of plugins, not just Bookmarking. If you want to disable the whole menu you can do this:

" remove tool bar
set guioptions-=T
set guioptions-=m

That's what I do in my .gvimrc. But I'm not sure why you would want the menu bar to remain but just remove the plugin section? I'm happy to look into how to do this if its what you want.


Out of the 20-odd plugins I'm running, yours is the only one that uses it.

I could make an after/ with :unmenu Plugin in it or something, but it seems something that oughto be configurable ... make it as friendly as your plugin is towards the user's keybindings :)


Sure. I'll have a crack at this when I get the time. It should be very easy.

You must not be using the YankRing plugin though! I suggest you check it out.


Thanks! I'm using the-isz/MinYankRing.vim, which is a minimal implementation thereof :)


Hey I'm tied up right now so probably won't work on this issue for at least a week or more. If you haven't seen it fixed after say 2 weeks, please just ping me again as I may have forgotten

@dterei dterei was assigned

OK fixed in version 2.2

@dterei dterei closed this
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