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# This Makefile is intended only for DJGPP use.
# It is mainly a copy of the main Makefile, but tends to get out of sync
# with it. A merge would probably be appropriate.
# Primary targets:
# gc.a - builds basic library
# libgc.a - builds library for use with g++ "-fgc-keyword" extension
# -fgc-keyword was never really available. Historical
# interest only.
# c++ - adds C++ interface to library
# cords - adds cords (heavyweight strings) to library
# test - prints porting information, then builds basic version of gc.a,
# and runs some tests of collector and cords. Does not add cords or
# c++ interface to gc.a
# cord/de$(EXE_SUFFIX) - builds dumb editor based on cords.
CC=gcc $(ABI_FLAG)
AS=gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp $(ABI_FLAG)
# The above doesn't work with gas, which doesn't run cpp.
# Define AS as `gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp' instead.
# special defines for DJGPP
srcdir= .
VPATH= $(srcdir)
# Look into doc/README.macros for the description of the "define arguments"
# influencing the collector configuration.
AR= ar
RANLIB= ranlib
OBJS= alloc.o reclaim.o allchblk.o misc.o mach_dep.o os_dep.o mark_rts.o headers.o mark.o obj_map.o blacklst.o finalize.o new_hblk.o dbg_mlc.o malloc.o stubborn.o checksums.o solaris_threads.o typd_mlc.o ptr_chck.o mallocx.o solaris_pthreads.o gcj_mlc.o specific.o fnlz_mlc.o
CSRCS= reclaim.c allchblk.c misc.c alloc.c mach_dep.c os_dep.c mark_rts.c headers.c mark.c obj_map.c pcr_interface.c blacklst.c finalize.c new_hblk.c real_malloc.c dyn_load.c dbg_mlc.c malloc.c stubborn.c checksums.c solaris_threads.c typd_mlc.c ptr_chck.c mallocx.c solaris_pthreads.c gcj_mlc.c specific.c fnlz_mlc.c
CORD_SRCS= cord/cordbscs.c cord/cordxtra.c cord/cordprnt.c cord/tests/de.c \
cord/tests/cordtest.c include/cord.h include/ec.h \
include/cord_pos.h cord/tests/de_win.c cord/tests/de_win.h \
cord/tests/de_cmds.h cord/tests/de_win.rc
CORD_OBJS= cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o cord/cordprnt.o
src/sparc_mach_dep.S include/gc.h include/gc_version.h include/gc_typed.h \
include/private/gc_hdrs.h include/private/gc_priv.h \
include/private/gcconfig.h include/private/gc_mark.h include/gc_disclaim.h \
include/gc_inline.h tools/threadlibs.c \
tools/if_mach.c tools/if_not_there.c include/gc_cpp.h \
include/weakpointer.h include/private/gc_locks.h \
include/new_gc_alloc.h include/javaxfc.h src/sparc_sunos4_mach_dep.s \
include/private/solaris_threads.h include/gc_backptr.h \
include/gc_gcj.h include/private/dbg_mlc.h \
include/private/specific.h \
include/leak_detector.h $(CORD_SRCS)
OTHER_FILES= PCR-Makefile OS2_MAKEFILE NT_MAKEFILE BCC_MAKEFILE \ tests/test.c tools/setjmp_t.c SMakefile.amiga \
doc/README.amiga doc/README.win32 doc/README.cords \
doc/README.rs6000 README.QUICK TODO tools/ \
pc_excludes barrett_diagram doc/README.OS2 doc/README.Mac \
extra/MacOS.c EMX_MAKEFILE doc/debugging.html \
extra/Mac_files/datastart.c extra/Mac_files/dataend.c \
extra/Mac_files/MacOS_config.h \
tools/add_gc_prefix.c doc/README.solaris2 doc/README.sgi \
doc/README.hp doc/README.uts win32_threads.c gc.mak doc/ \ doc/README.alpha doc/README.linux WCC_MAKEFILE
CORD_INCLUDE_FILES= $(srcdir)/include/gc.h $(srcdir)/include/cord.h \
$(srcdir)/include/ec.h $(srcdir)/include/cord_pos.h
UTILS= if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX) if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX)
# Libraries needed for curses applications. Only needed for de.
CURSES= -lcurses -ltermlib
# The following is irrelevant on most systems. But a few
# versions of make otherwise fork the shell specified in
# the SHELL environment variable.
SHELL= /bin/sh
SPECIALCFLAGS = -I$(srcdir)/include
# Alternative flags to the C compiler for mach_dep.c.
# Mach_dep.c often doesn't like optimization, and it's
# not time-critical anyway.
# Set SPECIALCFLAGS to -q nodirect_code on Encore.
all: gc.a gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
$(OBJS) test.o dyn_load.o dyn_load_sunos53.o: \
$(srcdir)/include/private/gc_priv.h \
$(srcdir)/include/private/gc_hdrs.h $(srcdir)/include/private/gc_locks.h \
$(srcdir)/include/gc.h \
$(srcdir)/include/private/gcconfig.h $(srcdir)/include/gc_typed.h \
# The dependency on Makefile is needed. Changing
# options affects the size of GC_arrays,
# invalidating all .o files that rely on gc_priv.h
mark.o typd_mlc.o finalize.o: $(srcdir)/include/gc_mark.h
base_lib gc.a: $(OBJS) dyn_load.o $(UTILS)
echo > base_lib
rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_1
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS touch on_sparc_sunos5_1
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS $(AR) rus gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_1 $(AR) ru gc.a $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
-./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_1 $(RANLIB) gc.a
# ignore ranlib failure; that usually means it doesn't exist, and isn't needed
cords: $(CORD_OBJS) cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(UTILS)
rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_3
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS touch on_sparc_sunos5_3
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS $(AR) rus gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_3 $(AR) ru gc.a $(CORD_OBJS)
-./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_3 $(RANLIB) gc.a
gc_cpp.o: $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/include/gc_cpp.h $(srcdir)/include/gc.h Makefile
$(CXX) -c $(CXXFLAGS) $(srcdir)/
test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/ $(srcdir)/include/gc_cpp.h gc_cpp.o $(srcdir)/include/gc.h \
base_lib $(UTILS)
rm -f test_cpp test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX)
./if_mach HP_PA "" $(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o test_cpp $(srcdir)/ gc_cpp.o gc.a -ldld
./if_not_there test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(CXXLD) $(CXXFLAGS) -o test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(srcdir)/ gc_cpp.o gc.a
rm -f test_cpp
c++: gc_cpp.o $(srcdir)/include/gc_cpp.h test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX)
rm -f on_sparc_sunos5_4
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS touch on_sparc_sunos5_4
./if_mach SPARC SOLARIS $(AR) rus gc.a gc_cpp.o
./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_4 $(AR) ru gc.a gc_cpp.o
-./if_not_there on_sparc_sunos5_4 $(RANLIB) gc.a
./test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX) 1
echo > c++
dyn_load_sunos53.o: dyn_load.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -DSUNOS53_SHARED_LIB -c $(srcdir)/dyn_load.c -o $@
# SunOS5 shared library version of the collector $(OBJS) dyn_load_sunos53.o
$(CC) -G -o $(OBJS) dyn_load_sunos53.o -ldl
# Alpha/OSF shared library version of the collector $(OBJS)
ld -shared -o $(OBJS) dyn_load.o -lc
# IRIX shared library version of the collector $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
ld -shared $(ABI_FLAG) -o $(OBJS) dyn_load.o -lc
# Linux shared library version of the collector $(OBJS) dyn_load.o
gcc -shared -o $(OBJS) dyn_load.o -lo
mach_dep.o: $(srcdir)/mach_dep.c $(UTILS)
rm -f mach_dep.o
./if_not_there mach_dep.o $(CC) -c $(SPECIALCFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mach_dep.c
mark_rts.o: $(srcdir)/mark_rts.c if_mach if_not_there $(UTILS)
rm -f mark_rts.o
-./if_mach ALPHA OSF1 $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) -Wo,-notail $(srcdir)/mark_rts.c
./if_not_there mark_rts.o $(CC) -c $(CFLAGS) $(srcdir)/mark_rts.c
# Work-around for DEC optimizer tail recursion elimination bug.
# The ALPHA-specific line should be removed if gcc is used.
alloc.o: include/gc_version.h
cord/cordbscs.o: $(srcdir)/cord/cordbscs.c $(CORD_INCLUDE_FILES)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c -I$(srcdir) $(srcdir)/cord/cordbscs.c
mv cordbscs.o cord/cordbscs.o
# not all compilers understand -o filename
cord/cordxtra.o: $(srcdir)/cord/cordxtra.c $(CORD_INCLUDE_FILES)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c -I$(srcdir) $(srcdir)/cord/cordxtra.c
mv cordxtra.o cord/cordxtra.o
cord/cordprnt.o: $(srcdir)/cord/cordprnt.c $(CORD_INCLUDE_FILES)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c -I$(srcdir) $(srcdir)/cord/cordprnt.c
mv cordprnt.o cord/cordprnt.o
cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/cord/tests/cordtest.c $(CORD_OBJS) gc.a $(UTILS) /tmp
rm -f cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
./if_mach SPARC DRSNX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(srcdir)/cord/tests/cordtest.c $(CORD_OBJS) gc.a -lucb
./if_mach HP_PA "" $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(srcdir)/cord/tests/cordtest.c $(CORD_OBJS) gc.a -ldld
./if_not_there cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/cordtest $(srcdir)/cord/tests/cordtest.c $(CORD_OBJS) gc.a
rm -f cord/cordtest cordtest
-mv cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX) cord/
/tmp: $(UTILS)
./if_not_there /tmp mkdir /tmp
cord/de$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(UTILS)
rm -f cord/de cord/de$(EXE_SUFFIX)
./if_mach SPARC DRSNX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(CURSES) -lucb `./threadlibs`
./if_mach HP_PA "" $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(CURSES) -ldld
./if_mach RS6000 "" $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses
./if_mach I386 LINUX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses `./threadlibs`
./if_mach ALPHA LINUX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a -lcurses
./if_not_there cord/de$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o cord/de$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(srcdir)/cord/tests/de.c cord/cordbscs.o cord/cordxtra.o gc.a $(CURSES)
if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/tools/if_mach.c $(srcdir)/include/private/gcconfig.h
rm -f if_mach if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o if_mach $(srcdir)/tools/if_mach.c
threadlibs$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/tools/threadlibs.c $(srcdir)include/private/gcconfig.h Makefile
rm -f threadlibs threadlibs$(EXE_SUFFIX)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o threadlibs $(srcdir)/tools/threadlibs.c
if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/tools/if_not_there.c
rm -f if_not_there if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o if_not_there $(srcdir)/tools/if_not_there.c
# Clean removes *.o several times,
# because as the first one doesn't seem to get them all!
rm -f gc.a *.o
rm -f *.o
rm -f *.o
rm -f cord/*.o
rm -f gctest gctest_dyn_link test_cpp
rm -f setjmp_test mon.out gmon.out a.out core if_not_there if_mach
rm -f threadlibs $(CORD_OBJS) cordtest cord/cordtest de cord/de
rm -f gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX) gctest_dyn_link$(EXE_SUFFIX) test_cpp$(EXE_SUFFIX)
rm -f setjmp_test$(EXE_SUFFIX) if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX) if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX)
rm -f threadlibs$(EXE_SUFFIX) cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
-rm -f *~
gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX): tests/test.o gc.a if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX) if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX)
rm -f gctest gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
./if_mach SPARC DRSNX $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o gctest tests/test.o gc.a -lucb
./if_mach HP_PA "" $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o gctest tests/test.o gc.a -ldld
./if_not_there gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX) tests/test.o gc.a
rm -f gctest
# If an optimized setjmp_test generates a segmentation fault,
# odds are your compiler is broken. Gctest may still work.
# Try compiling setjmp_t.c unoptimized.
setjmp_test$(EXE_SUFFIX): $(srcdir)/tools/setjmp_t.c $(srcdir)/include/gc.h \
if_mach$(EXE_SUFFIX) if_not_there$(EXE_SUFFIX)
rm -f setjmp_test$(EXE_SUFFIX)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o setjmp_test $(srcdir)/tools/setjmp_t.c
rm -f setjmp_test
test: KandRtest cord/cordtest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
# Those tests that work even with a K&R C compiler:
KandRtest: setjmp_test$(EXE_SUFFIX) gctest$(EXE_SUFFIX)
add_gc_prefix$(EXE_SUFFIX): tools/add_gc_prefix.c
$(CC) -o add_gc_prefix$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(srcdir)/tools/add_gc_prefix.c
rm -f add_gc_prefix
gc.tar: $(SRCS) $(OTHER_FILES) add_gc_prefix
./add_gc_prefix$(EXE_SUFFIX) $(SRCS) $(OTHER_FILES) > /tmp/gc.tar-files
(cd $(srcdir)/.. ; tar cvfh - `cat /tmp/gc.tar-files`) > gc.tar
pc_gc.tar: $(SRCS) $(OTHER_FILES)
tar cvfX pc_gc.tar pc_excludes $(SRCS) $(OTHER_FILES)
gc.tar.Z: gc.tar
compress gc.tar
gc.tar.gz: gc.tar
gzip gc.tar
lint: $(CSRCS) tests/test.c
lint -DLINT $(CSRCS) tests/test.c | egrep -v "possible pointer alignment problem|abort|exit|sbrk|mprotect|syscall"
# BTL: added to test shared library version of collector.
# Currently works only under SunOS5. Requires GC_INIT call from statically
# loaded client code.
ABSDIR = `pwd`
gctest_dyn_link: test.o
$(CC) -L$(ABSDIR) -R$(ABSDIR) -o gctest_dyn_link test.o -lgc -ldl -lthread