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A Docker based utility for deriving Ethereum addresses from a private key
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What is this?

eth-priv-to-addr is a docker utility meant to be invoked to ensure the correctness of multiple implementations for deriving an Ethereum account address from a given private key.

MyEtherWallet uses eth-priv-to-addr as part of their derivationChecker integration test.

The derivation checker utility assumes that you have:
  1. Docker installed/available
  2. dternyak/eth-priv-to-addr pulled from DockerHub
Docker setup instructions:
  1. Install docker (on macOS, Docker for Mac is suggested)
  2. docker pull dternyak/eth-priv-to-addr
Run Derivation Checker
docker run -e key=<key_1>,<key_2>,<key_3> dternyak/eth-priv-to-addr:latest
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