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Blog application created with node.js, express, mongoose
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Blog Web Application

This project is about web blogging application, where user can create account, add, edit and delete their blogs. Site visitor can access and read blogs, they do not have access to modify or delete any content.

This project is RESTful Web application utilizing Express frameworks which access a Mongodb database that populates the content. Passport.js provides authentication for further CRUD functionality on the application.

Why This Project?

Modern web applications perform a variety of functions and provide amazing features and utilities to their users; but deep down, it’s really all just creating, reading, updating and deleting data. In this project, you’ll combine your knowledge of building dynamic websites with persistent data storage to create a web application that provides a compelling service to your users.


Make sure that you have following intstalled:

  1. Node.js and NPM installed on your machine, if not, visit the Node.js website to install the latest version.
  2. mongodb

Getting startd

  1. Download or Clone repository.
  2. setup local server to port 3000

Running project

run gitbash || cmd
cd to project folder (cd myblogs)

run node app.js

Preview in http://localhost:3000

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