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Fixes for editing existing tagged textarea
Latest commit 0f7d248 Feb 3, 2013

jquery.mentionsInput (dtime flavor)

This is a modified version of:

with the following changes:

  • Adds onCaret support (enabled by default)

  • The text inside the textarea will be used and properly initialized if the textarea already has a value

  • Multiple trigger characters are allowed - set triggerChar to an array. We use ['@','#'] so that tag mentions are treated the same way as username mentions. It is your job to filter by trigger character in the onDataRequest function (which takes a fourth argument trigger).

  • The trigger character is included in the value of the mention so you can still see it. This is useful for distinguishing between multiple trigger chars. This only happens if a trigger is set on the mention, or a default trigger char is set.

  • Formatting now is of the form:

    [@username](user:user_id) instead of @[username](user:user_id)