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BMx Sequence Editor by UCN-Soft

See this page for information about BMSE. Basically it's an app that lets you edit BMS files. It's not actively maintained by the original author since 2008 or something and later they decided to release the source code under zlib/libpng license.

About this Repository

In this repository you will find the original branch which contains the original BMSE 1.3.8 code, and the master branch with my own modifications added.

Changes to 1.3.8

  • Make long notes long.
  • Add some tools for my own convenience.


My modified version of BMSE is in BMSE-dttvb.exe. You can use it in place of the original BMSE application, because only the program file is changed.

You can also get the additional themes (theDtTvB-*.ini) that I put into it in the BMSE/theme folder.

How to Run

The recommended way to use my branch of BMSE is to download the original BMSE 1.3.8 and get it running first. Please hunt for the missing DLLs first, I didn't remember how I got the required DLLs and OCXs, but it should be a straightforward task.

Then download BMSE-dttvb.exe, and use it in place of original BMSE.exe

You can also move BMSE-dttvb.exe inside BMSE folder and run it from there, as it should contain most required files, but I don't recommend it, because the application files will get mixed with source files.

Development Environment

I run VB6 inside a Windows XP VM, running in VirtualBox, with system locale set to Japanese (the host has Thai system locale).

Version control is done on the host (Windows 7), using Git inside Cygwin, and the files are shared to the development VM using VirtualBox's shared folders.


zlib/libpng LICENSE


A fork of UCN-Soft's BMSE, with long note support and helpers.



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