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Windows How To Setup

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dark-facebook Development Setup Guide for Windows

dark-facebook's CSS files are generated from Stylus file, so it's better to edit the Stylus file. This guide will describe how to set up the environment to make changes to dark-facebook in Windows.

This guide assumes basic command prompt usage.

Download and Install Node.js

  • Go to and download the .msi file.
  • Install it. It's awesome.
  • After you install it, log off and log on to your account. Or restart your Windows.

Set Up Git

Clone the Repository

  • Create a Folder, to put the project files in it.
  • Right click the empty space and select Git Bash.
  • Clone the repository by typing in: git clone
  • You should see a new directory called dark-facebook.

Set Up the Environment

  • Open Command Prompt (not Git Bash!)
  • CD to the project directory, for instance: CD Desktop\dark-facebook\dark-facebook
  • Inside that folder, install the required Node modules: npm install livestyl -d
  • If it ends with npm info ok, then everything is good.
    it should end with npm info ok

Set Up Your Browser

  • Disable the user style in your browser first. Your Facebook should turn back to white.
  • Double-click run-server.bat. You may need to configure your Anti-Virus or Firewall.
  • In your browser (Firefox or Chrome should work), go to http://localhost:25531/index.html. (in Windows, DO NOT FORGET index.html).
  • You should see a bookmarklet link called Live CSS (if not, your browser is not supported), bookmark it.
    bookmark it
  • Go to Facebook and click the bookmark.
    click the bookmark
  • The stylesheet should be applied on your page!

Enjoy Hacking

The styles are generated from src/main.styl. When you edit and save it, the stylesheet will reload automatically.

Updating the CSS File

To update the file dark-facebook.css at the front, double click run-make-css.bat, and you're done.

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