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A collection of web-based MIDI instruments. I wanted to create a MIDI instrument that allows me to jam with other musicians. Play MIDI with your PC keyboard, or with a touch screen.

Check out the video demos!


  1. Go to using a browser that supports Web MIDI API.

  2. Select the output MIDI port at the top-right corner. See MIDI setup section for more details.

  3. Play and enjoy!

MIDI setup

MIDI communicates via MIDI ports. This section describe on setting them up.

Physical MIDI ports

If you connect a physical MIDI port to your computer, no further setup is necessary.

Sending MIDI messages to another app on the same computer

You need to create a virtual MIDI cable (a.k.a. IAC driver or loopback MIDI interface).

  • On macOS: Open Audio MIDI Setup and go to MIDI Studio. Inside the IAC Driver, create a new Bus.

  • On Windows: You can use something like LoopBe1 I guess.

iOS → Mac

You can use the Web MIDI Browser app, a iOS web browser that supports Web MIDI API. Then you can set up a Bluetooth LE connection from your iDevice to Mac.

Offline iOS App

For offline playing, you can find an Xcode project in the ios folder and compile it yourself.