Web based remotely controlled worship lyrics presentation application.
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At church, I sometimes help display lyrics on the presentation during worship. Usually people use church presentation software, or just PowerPoint. However, the people using it have to actively focus on controlling the presentation.

This web based lyrics presentation application can be controlled remotely via an iPad (or other tablets). This makes it easier for the presentation controller to join in and delight in worship.

shoutpraises screenshot


I got the name from Psalm 150:6 (CEV), the last verse in the Psalm book. Also the default port number 1506 came from the chapter and verse number:

Let every living creature
praise the Lord.
   Shout praises to the Lord!


  1. Install Node.js
  2. Download this repository.
  3. Open command prompt, and cd to this directory.
  4. npm install to install required dependencies.
  5. node server.js to start the server.
  6. Add lyrics: create a folder called lyrics and put files there. It should be a .txt file.
  7. On your presentation computer, navigate to http://[your IP]:1506/display.html.
  8. On your iPad, navigate to http://[your IP]:1506/admin.html.

Lyrics File

Just make .txt files that look like this:

name: song name here

line 1
line 2
line 3

line 4
line 5
line 6

line 7
line 8
line 9

A blank line lets you split part of a verse into multiple slides. Two consecutive blank lines separate between verses.

I don't recommend that lyrics slides have a duration of more than 15 seconds—consider splitting them into multiple slides.